The Future of Figurative Art and Painting


The Paul Booth Gallery is eager to present a condensed version of our panel discussion, “The Future of Figurative Art and Painting”. The Panel Discussion, taken on June 22, 2016, spoke on the topic of where we foresee contemporary and figurative works heading, touching on subjects like Kitsch and Modernism. We welcomed our panel to freely describe their views on figurative, then asked the viewers to bring about any questions they had on the talk.

If you were unable to make the discussion, we have the full video below.

The Future of Figurative – Panel Discussion

The Future of Figurative – Panel Discussion

W/ Vincent Desiderio, Julie Heffernan, Donald Kuspit & Adam Miller moderated by David Molesky

Booth Gallery

June 22, 2016, 6 – 8 pm – 325 W 38th St. NYC


Booth Gallery is pleased to announce a panel discussion on the future of figurative art. On June 22 from 6 – 8 pm, artist and writer David Molesky will moderate a conversation with world-renowned art critic Donald Kuspit and master figurative artists Vincent Desiderio, Julie Heffernan, and Adam Miller. With the Odd Nerdrum exhibition Crime and Refuge as backdrop, the conversation will examine today’s Renaissance of figurative art, as well as discuss the responsibilities and collective opportunities to shape the evolution of human culture. The panel will discuss figurative representations of irony, beauty, gender, race, and morality, while tapping into the core of shared humanity.

“In previous decades, humanist figurative art was relegated to fringe relevance, demoted by modernist critics as ‘kitsch sentimentality’. But now the voice and opinion of the masses is having greater sway in both art markets and museums. The Internet allows anyone to easily research and form his or her own opinion. And social media platforms allow people to cast its popular vote. In addition, support has come from publications which have risen in parallel with the Internet. For example, Juxtapoz magazine was founded with the intention to support art formerly excluded from the canon of the Avant-guard, and is today the #1 international art magazine. Just as we can no longer ignore these new measures of relevance, we can no longer ignore the popularity and rising status of figurative art.

With this greater visibility and influence comes greater responsibility. This is a moment of great opportunity to adjust the misdirected myths of the past and sculpt a new vision for humanity. Using the past as our springboard, we can launch humanity into a future that is informed by greater global consciousness and elevated empathy.” – David Molesky

Vincent Desiderio is a New York based painter represented by Marlborough Gallery. His rich figurative narrative work is part of museum collections worldwide, including the Hirshhorn, the Met, the Denver Art Museum, and many others.

Julie Heffernan is a New York based painter represented by PPOW in Chelsea. She is Professor of Fine Arts at Montclair State University. Her illustrious paintings have been exhibited internationally and are included in Brooklyn museum collection and other museums.

Donald Kuspit is a world-renowned curator, art critic, and author of numerous publications including The End of Art. A distinguished professor emeritus of art history and philosophy at State University at Stony Brook, Kuspit holds degrees from many top institutions and he is regarded as the foremost practitioner of psychoanalytic art criticism.

Adam Miller is a New York based painter represented by Richard Demato Gallery. His dense complex figurative narrative paintings are held in major private collections across the United States and Europe.

David Molesky is a New York based painter, curator, and frequent contributor to Juxtapoz magazine and other publications.

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