“A Fool’s Journery” – A solo exhibition of works by Luke Hillestad

Craniopagus 50x60 $20K

Luke Hillestad, “Craniopagus”, oil on canvas, 50” x 60” 

On Saturday, April 1st, Paul Booth Gallery is pleased to present figurative painter Luke Hillestad’s premier solo show in NYC, A Fool’s Journey, on view at 325 W 38 street through April 22nd 2017. The opening Reception will start at 7pm and run until 11pm.

A Fool’s Journey is an explorative visual odyssey through the inner landscapes of human pathology and desire for meaning. The viewer is invited to wander, with the fresh eyes of the Fool, down an arcane path. Along the way, we encounter painted rituals, alchemical symbols, and cast of archetypes bearing qualities of the old but not forgotten. An unpredictable wilderness is the backdrop for the paintings, where the power of the natural elements, the animal kingdom, and forest talismans imbue the narrative. Initiation, desire, and a struggle of will are among the themes explored in Hillestad’s large-scale works, painted with a harmonious Apelles palette.

Luke Hillestad has exhibited his works globally, in Dubai, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Miami. He paints from life, employing friends and loved ones as models, as well as using taxidermied animals, and found natural objects to create his mythologies. Hillestad is currently illustrating Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in a limited-edition collectors book collaboration.

Please email paulboothgallery@gmail.com for press info or exhibition PDF.