Second Sight



Booth Gallery is pleased to announce “Second Sight”, a group exhibition that will feature works by Chad Wys, Jesse Draxler, Ekaterina Panikanova, Ted Lawson, Jade Townsend, Johan Barrios, Mike Cockrill, Ryan Hewett and Todd Lim. Booth Gallery’s inaugural exhibition will be pivoted on the ambiguous connection existing between information, perception and interpretation. The title of the exhibition refers to the concept indicating the extraordinary ability of certain individuals to look beyond the oftentimes deceptive immediacy of the five senses. “Second Sight” has been conceived to explore the meanings and symbols that can be identified in the work of these artists through the interpretation of a vast repertoire of images, memories and esthetic experiences. The main goal of this exhibition is to highlight the analogies and differences between reality, representation and everything in between.

All the works have been selected in virtue of a dialog-based interaction that had been previously triggered by the artists themselves. In the light of these premises, the work of Chad Wys relates perfectly to the imagery of Jesse Draxler, since they are both deeply connected to the stratagems of visual communication and culture. The juxtaposition of excess and absence of information is a topical subject that can also be individuated in the work of Ekaterina Panikanova. Jade Townsend and Johan Barrios are like modern shamans who can turn the narrative dynamism of drawing, painting and sculpture into figments of their prolific imagination. The work of Ted Lawson, focused on experimentation, revolves around scientific theories, new materials and technology. Mike Cockrill and Todd Lim, on the other hand, prefer to provoke the viewers through an intricate alternation of social political and psychological statements. Together, these artists give us the opportunity to explore our existential perceptions of our reality.

About the exhibiting artists:

Chad Wys (born in Illinois in 1983) is known for utilizing readymade and collage works to express his fascination with art, history and visual culture. Wys means to present to the viewer the journey he has made finding the object and revealing the history inherent in the object itself. His work oscillates between figurative and abstract elements, and embodies his lifelong research about the interactions between form, content and critical thought.

Jesse Draxler (born in 1982) currently works in Los Angeles. He graduated from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with a BFA in 2007. Draxler is known for his black and white mixed media works and his broken figurative imagery. His faceless subjects are carefully deconstructed, anonymous, and universally recognizable at the same time.

Ekaterina Panikanova (born in St. Petersburg in 1975) resides and works in Rome. In 2010 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg at the top of her class. While talking about knowledge as an instrument of both power and imprisonment, and blurring the lines between painting, installation and collage, Ekaterina transforms old books and other documents into finely crafted works of art.

Jade Townsend (born in Iowa in 1977) currently lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Townsend is best known for his ambitious installations that combine sculpture, drawing, and dynamic large scale constructions. Jade’s works focus on a critique of our society that is the result of an individual discovery process. Townsend creates worlds interconnected by humorous scenarios, and conceived to present new ways of seeing the contrived norms of daily life.  

Mike Cockrill (born in 1953) is a Brooklyn based artist and has been exhibiting works internationally since the early 80s. Known for his wordless cartoon book, The White Papers, stark paintings of children in adult situations and paintings with a social political narrative set in the post war era, Mike works to continuously push the boundaries of communication through a psychologically charged imagery.

Ryan Hewett (born in 1979) is a South African expressionistic painter whose subject is the human face. Hewitt’s paint handling forces a parallel focus which leads to a tension that transcends portraiture. His richly hued paintings are meant to convey complexity, movement and raw emotions.

Todd Lim (born in Port Chester, New York in 1964) is a Florida based painter/sculptor whose works rotate around ideas based on social psychology. Some of the recurring themes in Todd’s works are social influence, self-concept, social cognition and persuasion that force the viewer into an empirical method of investigation.

The work of artist Johan Barrios (born in Barranquilla, Colombia,1982) is a universe of images in movement, whose language goes in search of different features of sonorous expressions, elements of action and gestures. His work is characterized by a figurative imagery mixed with abstractions. His paintings evoke presence, absence, darkness, light, space and emptiness.  

Ted Lawson: (born 1970, Boston, Ma.) currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Using both figurative representation and formal abstraction, Ted Lawson creates a narrative progression of forms that reveals something conceptually greater than the sum of their parts. Ted’s large scale works combine digital technology with highly crafted traditional sculpting methods to seamlessly produce conceptual objects that express the underlying analog truth within his subject matter.

Booth Gallery is a New York City based art gallery representing both local and international artists. Booth is committed to presenting thoughtful exhibitions featuring artists whose works focus on a balance between content, form, research and communication. Through a well-rounded program, Booth Gallery aims to explore new avenues of cultural significance and visual communication. Our goal is to respond to the intellectual demands of our audience in pursuit of an edifying cultural exchange.

Our roster of artists includes: Johan Barrios (COL), Mike Cockrill (US), Jesse Draxler (US), Ryan Hewett (ZA), Ted Lawson (US), Todd Lim (US), Ekaterina Panikanova (RU), Jade Townsend (US), Chad Wys (US)

Address: 325 W. 38th St Store#1, NYC, NY 10018

Tel: 646-902-4566



Ted Lawson, “Radical Skepticism”, Cast Resin, 114″ x 48″ x 51″





Ted Lawson, “Without You”, Milled and painted MDF and metal, 73″ x 47″



Jesse Draxler, “untitled”, Collage, 36″ x 48″

Chad Wys 2

Chad Wys, “Composition 119″, spray paint on found print, 9″ x 12”

Chad Wys 1

Chad Wys, “Raphael in Black”, paint on found print, 10″ x 12″

Chad Wys 5

Chad Wys, “Composition 412″, Collage on found print, 16″ x 13”

Chad Wys 3

Chad Wys, “Composition 413″, collage on found print, 16″ x 13”

Chad Wys 4

Cahd Wys, “Composition 414”, collage on found print

Chad Wys 6

Chad Wys, “Composition 419″, collage onf ound print, 16″ x 13”

Chad Wys 9

Chad Wys, “Armor”, collage on found print, 13″ x 10″

Chad Wys 10

Chad Wys, “Ecstasy”, collage on found print. 10″ x 7″

Chad Wys 8

Chad Wys, “Greased Pig”, collage on found print, 10″ x 12″

Chad Wys 7 copy

Chad Wys, “The Dance”, collage on found print, 13″ x 10″


Jade Townsend, “The Magpie Annual Ear Harvest”, Graphite prisma colour pastel oil and ink on paper, 25″ x 27″


Jade Townsend, “The Offerings of Ears to Freewill and Fate”,Graphite prisma colour pastel oil and ink on paper, 20″ x 20″


Mike Cockrill, “Olympia”, Oil Graphite and duct tape on stretched canvas, 70″ x 64″


Todd Lim, “Trinity”, Acrylic Oil and House Paint on Canvas, 80″ x 60″

Ekaterina Panikanova_Giardini Infantili

Ekaterina Panikanova, “Giardini Infantili”, Ink Watercolor and Graphite in aged books mounted on birch, 43″ x 51″

Ekaterina Panikanova_Box No. 70

Ekaterina Panikanova, “Box No. 70″, ink  on aged books masonry paint mounted on birch wood, 22.5″ x 28.5”

Ekaterina Panikanova_Box No. 79

Ekaterina Panikanova, “Box No.79″, in on aged books masonry paint mounted on birch wood, 22.5″ x 28.5”

unnamed-120x100cm - oil and spray on canvas

Ryan Hewett, “Untitled”, Oil and Spray on Canvas, 47″ x 39.5″

Leopold 2 oil and spray on card - 84x60cm

Ryan Hewett, “Leopold 2”, oil and spray on card, 84cm x 60cm