Sensuous/Pensive:  At Odds And Overlapping

Curated by Donald Kuspit & Casey Gleghorn

Joseph Beuys, Mike Cockrill, Alberto DiFabio, Beverly Fishman, Marjorie Grigonis, Maynard Monrow, Odd Nerdrum, Lynn Stern & Chad Wys

Exhibition dates: Nov. 18th – Jan. 14th / Opening reception: Friday, Nov. 18th 6pm – 10pm



Beverly Fishman – “Untitled (anxiety)” – Urethane paint on MDF, 32” x 106” x 2.25” and Chad Wys “Figurines of a Boy and a Girl in Cement (Diptych)” Cement and found ceramic Each: 9” x 3” x 3.5”

Primary & Secondary Process Art – Panel Discussion

w/ Mike Cockrill, Donald Kuspit, Maynard Monrow & Lynn Stern
Moderated by Casey Gleghorn


Primary & Secondary Process Art – Panel Discussion

Saturday, January 7th, 6 – 8 pm
BOOTH GALLERY – 325 w 38th St. #1 NYC, NY 10018 –

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Booth Gallery is pleased to announce a panel discussion on “Primary & Secondary Process Art”. On January 7th from 6 – 8 pm, curator Casey Gleghorn will moderate a conversation with world-renowned art critic Donald Kuspit and New York City artists, Mike Cockrill, Maynard Monrow and Lynn Stern. With the group exhibition “Sensuous and Pensive: At Odds and Overlapping” as a backdrop, the panel will discuss the differences between primary and secondary process art as well as how these processes are related. Through the discussion of the panel, we hope to leave this event with a deeper understanding of not only producing meaningful works of art of but a better understanding of how we can view art through the same process.

View Donald Kuspits full essay here:

Mike Cockrill is a Brooklyn-based artist best known for his darkly humorous and provocative Baby-Doll Clown Killer paintings and his work on the graphic novel The White Papers. Cockrill has been exhibiting internationally for 30 years and has his works included in many major collections including the Forbes collection and the Brooklyn Museum.

Donald Kuspit is a world-renowned curator, art critic, and author of numerous publications including The End of Art. A distinguished professor emeritus of art history and philosophy at State University at Stony Brook, Kuspit holds degrees from many top institutions and he is regarded as the foremost practitioner of psychoanalytic art criticism.

Maynard Monrow is a New York based artist represented by Gavlak Gallery and collection designer for the Beth DeWoody collection. Maynard has been exhibiting his works for over 20 years.

Lynn Stern is a New York based photographer best known for your series of skull works. She has ben exhibiting for 30 years and is included in many major collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Huston and the Whitney.

Casey Gleghorn is a former artist and currently is the curator and director for both Booth Gallery and Last Rites Gallery.

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